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Raleigh, Greensboro & Cary’s Best Awning Windows


Awning windows function just as awnings do; they open outward, from the top, to provide protection from the elements while letting in a refreshing breeze. Renewal by Andersen® is proud to custom-build and install our replacement awning windows in Raleigh, Greensboro, Cary, Fayetteville, Durham, Chapel Hill, Winston-Salem, High Point, and throughout central North Carolina.

Awning windows tend to be smaller than most of the replacement windows we carry, and are usually installed higher on the wall. As a result, these windows are excellent choices for areas of the home where you prefer a little extra privacy, such as a bedroom or bathroom; they’re also perfect for areas over sinks and countertops. Because their sashes extend outward, however, they’re not the best option for alongside pathways.

No matter where you place your Renewal by Andersen awning windows, you can count on our smartly-designed operating mechanism to keep the sash securely open. You can also count on our dual weather strip system to provide a tight seal when the sash is locked and closed, as well as double locking points to keep the window securely closed.

Awning Window Highlights

  • Constructed of strong, durable, maintenance-free Fibrex®
  • Your choice of premium SmartSun™ or standard glass
  • Elegant, updated design with more glass & better views
  • Easily-detachable, nearly invisible TruScene™ screens
  • Variety of interior and exterior colors, as well as hardware & grille options
  • Fully-transferable warranties

Renewal by Andersen awning windows also deliver excellent energy efficiency. Here in the Raleigh-Greensboro area, windows with SmartSun™ glass save energy all year long – reflecting away heat in the summer and capturing it in the winter. Compared to standard dual pane glass, SmartSun™ windows are 70% more efficient in summer and 47% more efficient in winter. That’s good for the planet – and your pocketbook.

As shown below, our awning windows come in a range of colors to complement your home’s interior and exterior. You’ll also find dark tones that are not available in any vinyl replacement windows. While these colors are representational, our design consultants are happy to provide actual samples.

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Our awning windows are available in dozens of interior/exterior color combinations. Factor in our extensive variety of hardware, grille, and glass choices, and you’ll have an almost unlimited number of chances to find the perfect window for you.










Make each awning window a personal statement with your choice of hardware colors and finishes. Whichever hardware you choose, it will lend a sophisticated finishing touch to your replacement windows.

Standard Hardware & Finishes




Estate Hardware & Finishes







With one of Renewal by Andersen’s many grille patterns, your awning windows can complement the architectural style of your home. All of our grille designs, from Colonial to Prairie to Farmhouse, will deliver long-lasting performance with little to no maintenance.

Grille Patterns









You choose how many squares comprise each sash of your awning window.
A classic style with two vertical bars in each replacement window.
Two vertical bars and two horizontal bars on each sash create a “picture frame” look.
Modified Prairie
Two horizontal bars and two vertical bars per window (instead of per sash, as on traditional Prairie versions).

Grille Types

Interior Wood Grilles
These hardwood grilles snap into the interior of our awning windows for easy removal and even easier cleaning. Available in two widths.

Between-The-Glass Grilles
Our aluminum pre-finished grilles are installed between the panes of glass to provide a smooth, easy-to-clean surface. Available in two widths and an array of colors.

Full Divided Light Grilles
A permanently-attached exterior Fibrex® grille, an aluminum spacer between the glass, and an interior grille delivers the look of divided glass. Available in two widths.


Grille Profiles





High Performance™ Low-E4® SmartSun™ Glass

Renewal by Andersen’s most energy-efficient glass helps our replacement awning windows outperform the competition. Compared to standard dual-pane glass, SmartSun™ is 45% more energy efficient in winter and 70% more efficient in summer; it’s a great performer here in central North Carolina’s climate. And that’s not all. Here are some of the other benefits of windows with SmartSun™ glass:

UV Protection

SmartSun™ glass blocks 95% of harmful UV rays from passing through your window; it’s wonderfully effective at protecting your furniture, artwork, drapes, and carpet – including Oriental rugs – from fading.

Increased Thermal Protection

SmartSun™ glass seals our awning window panes against the entry of outside air. In addition, the panes are separated with a patented low conductivity spacer and filled with a blend of argon gas to further reduce thermal transfer. Together these features can reduce your energy bills by up to 25%.

Reduces Sound Penetration

Compared to single and double pane glass offered by other manufacturers, SmartSun™ glass significantly reduces sound penetration, insulating you and your family from unwanted noise.

Easier to Clean

Our innovative glass coating makes our awning windows easier to clean. Sunlight loosens any dirt that adheres to this coating; this allows natural rain water to wash the dirt away. The coating also enables the glass to dry more quickly while almost completely eliminating water spots.


TruScene™ Insect Screen

Every awning window includes our TruScene™ insect screen – a superior alternative to traditional screens. The wire on our screens is just a third as thick as standard screen wire. As a result, TruScene™ offers views with 50% greater clarity than standard insect screens. You’ll also enjoy more sunlight and more fresh air.

That’s not all. Renewal by Andersen® TruScene™ screens are composed of stainless steel, making them exceptionally strong and durable; they lift out of our awning windows for easy cleaning; and they keep even the smallest insects at bay.