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Fibrex® v. Vinyl Windows

Vinyl windows have been around for decades. Relatively speaking, they’re low-maintenance, durable, and good insulators. But vinyl windows have their drawbacks:

  • As vinyl isn’t particularly strong, it requires a thicker window frame than wood or aluminum.
  • The appearance of vinyl windows can be compromised by fading and a plastic-like appearance.
  • Soon you might be wondering if you can have the benefits of vinyl windows with a bit less compromise.

You can. Renewal by Andersen windows crafted with Fibrex® offer the strengths of vinyl without its weaknesses. Renewal by Andersen of Central North Carolina is proud to install replacement windows made with Fibrex® in Raleigh, Greensboro, Fayetteville, and for miles around.

So how do Fibrex® windows compare to vinyl? While vinyl is a durable material, it’s subject to expansion and contraction in the Raleigh area’s hot summers and cool winters; this can compromise vinyl window seals and joints – not to mention energy-efficiency and appearance. The efficiency of vinyl windows can also vary with the quality of the construction, glazing, and weatherstripping. 

Unlike the case with vinyl windows, you know exactly what to expect with Fibrex®: Windows that require little maintenance, and no painting or staining. Windows resistant to rot, decay, and fungal growth, and impervious to flaking, blistering, peeling, or corroding. When paired with Renewal by Andersen SmartSun™ glass, you can also count on Fibrex® windows to be capable insulators – and very energy-efficient.

Because Fibrex® is twice as strong as vinyl, it can be fashioned into narrower, more elegant window frames. Fibrex® expands less than vinyl in extreme heat or cold, allowing its window seals to remain weathertight in all climates. And Fibrex® employs a unique fabrication process that blends rich color into the window frame, resulting in beauty that endures.

If you love color, you should know that vinyl windows are only available in light tones like white, taupe, and cream; they’re not available in heat-absorbing darker tones, because they would be susceptible to warping. Fibrex®, on the other hand, isn’t subject to warping; as a result, Fibrex® windows offer you darker, richer colors such as Cocoa Bean, Forest Green, Dark Bronze – even Black.

Vinyl windows get the job done, but they can’t match the strength or beauty of Renewal by Andersen windows crafted with Fibrex®. So don’t compromise. Call Renewal by Andersen of Central North Carolina and choose the windows that will make you proud for years and years to come.